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With their innate attachment to humans and their intelligence, Boxers are often used as guide dogs for the blind, therapy dogs for shut-ins, and even as alert dogs for people who suffer from epilepsy, alerting them to an imminent seizure.

Almost 10 years ago, I contact Boxer Puppy For Life about a Boxer pup.  Before I contacted, I did a lot of research and wanted to get a puppy from a responsible breeder.  By responsible, I mean a breeder who cares about the betterment of the breed, someone who truly cares about the health and temperament of the Boxers, not just the looks.  I had never had a dog up until then, and when I called talked for hours to make sure I would give one of their dogs a great home.  
They selected a dog for me, based on the temperament.  Hugo was my best friend for over 10 years. She helped me through all the questions I had the first year of his life, and when he was passing away she was there for me.  Now I share my life with Charlie (Gentry’s The Trouble with Tribbles), whom I adore.  Charlie helps me to evaluate homes for potential adopters of rescue boxers, and he always has good judgment about them!  Gentry Boxers runs all the health test for known hereditary diseases for Boxer they breed.  Not only are they beautiful, they are healthy, wonderful Boxers with great temperament.  Thank you so much for what you do.

Yoshika H.

I want to personally thank you for all you’ve done to breed and raise such a wonderful litter! Between careful and thorough health testing on mom and dad, the homeopathic support, ustream coverage, raw diet, potty area clean up, etc, they have the best start any buyer could ask for! 

I look forward to keeping in touch with the other families in their endeavors with their new puppies!   (Gentry’s Infinity)

Patti C.

Snoop is thriving..was so easily housetrained…Everyone marvels at her energy ..how she loves family and all children.It is a joy to watch her with my four-year-old grandson. we are so proud of her beautiful temperament playing with groups of children…She will clown around.and always manages to have the children giggling with delight ..she instinctively ..adapts to the small children’s size and speed..takes in a group of kids petting and hugging her all at once that might overwhelm other dogs.


We had visited other breeders and were never settled with getting a puppy from one of them. At one point, we thought of putting our search on hold because of the lack of quality breeders we were coming across. Thank goodness for Boxer Puppy For Life!! Their knowledge of the breed is bar none. We were so impressed by their dogs and their caring nature for them that we put our name on the list right then and there with no hesitations.

Lipem and Joyce responded to an email at the drop of a hat. Joyce is always available to answer any questions or to give advice. As first time dog owners, this was incredibly helpful, especially in the first couple weeks.

We couldn’t be happier to have Norman as part of our family. He is so lovable and is always ready to give to kisses or sit on your lap. We love that we are part of a boxer community with Posh Boxer puppies and have also enjoyed meet and greets at the dog park with other Posh Boxer pups.


TonyAndrea and Jeremy - Columbus, SC

Boxer Puppy For Life has gone above and beyond what I expected from a breeder. Not only do we have an exceptional dog, Lipem and Joyce have provided phenomenal before, during and after market care/service.

They are honest, trustworthy and professional. They clearly cares about all of their dogs and the litters are extensions of their heart no matter where in North America they end up. Lipem and Joyce make themselves available for any questions or concerns after your puppy comes home and while s/he is growing up and this provides such peace of mind.

Claude from Posh Boxer Puppies is the love of our lives and the most beautiful dog. Whenever someone stops to ask me where to get a boxer I simply say: don’t look anywhere else but Posh boxers.
Monika Datta - Charlotte, NC

When I started my hunt for a Breeder who truly cared for the well being of the breed, my hunt ended with Posh Boxers and their crew of boxers was exactly what I was looking for. Their knowledge and love for the breed were apparent from the first contact with them. My first visit to Boxe Puppy For Life, I knew right away this was the only place I would get a boxer from. I am now the very proud Mom to Bentley, an Elena and Kaiser pup. Since the day we chose him Jason has answered every question I have had, and the continual support since we have been home has been incredible. Posh Boxers are stunning, we get had nothing but compliments about Bentley from everyone who meets him, His temperament is so calm and smart as a whip!! Thank you Posh Boxers for making our Family so Happy!!!
Riley - Atlanta, GA